outlaw3's Journal

Social capital

  • less than 10
7 January 1993

a streetcar named desire, action films, adventure, ancient china, ancient egypt, ancient greece, anything fried, arabian nights, art, asher roth, astro boy, avatar, babies, bad boys, basketball, bbq chips, bloo, blue, boots, breakdancing, camp lo, cards, challenge, chicago, childhood, chocolate, chucky, city life, clothes, comics, converse, daffy duck, darkwing, dice, dragons, dreams, ear piercings, eminem, evil villains, fall, fantasies, fast food, felix the cat, feminism, forensics, friends, fun, funny people, gargoyles, gold, graffiti, greek gods, gymnastics, harry potter, hawaii, hip-hop music, hockey, hoodies, inkheart, intelligence, interacting with others, islam, jazz, jimi hendrix, johnny depp, joker, kanye west, kermit, kung fu, law and order svu, linkin park, lolipops, looney tunes, mad scientists, magic, mango ice cream, mario bros, marvel comics, mary j blige, medieval times, microbiology, monkeys, mysteries, nas, native americans, new orleans, nice boys, nightime, nyc, oedipus, oldskool, oreos, outkast, paramore, phsycos, piano, pinapple soda, pirates, play-dough, poetry, psp, raggae, random people, rapping, ray charles, ren and stimpy, rings, rocky, run dmc, running, safaries, saxaphone, scary movies, sea creatures, shopping, skulls and bones, skyscrapers, slick rick, slumber parties, snow, special memories, spicy stuff, spiderman, spongebob, spooky stuff, stewie, street life, subway stations, summer nights, techno, the beach, the carribean, the color purple, the lion king, the nightmare before christmas, the riddler, timberlands, tom and jerry, tropical drinks, tupac, twix, tyra, uggs, volleyball, wierd shit, winter, wizards and warlocks, woodstock, wu tang clan, zuko

Social capital

  • less than 10